Get together of the young adults of the annual conference last Christmas

Christmas Assembly of December 2011

The young adults from both the Laguna and Quezon Districts held a get together in a resort in Atimonan, Quezon last December 27 – 28, 2011. Originally, young adults gather for a Christmas Assembly every December 26 – 30, 2011 as the young people or the UMYF gather for a Christmas Institute with the same date.

While the STPPACE UMYF gather for Christmas Institute in Baranggay Malinao in Atimonan, Quezon the big sisters and big brothers of these youth gather as young adult for a short Christmas Assembly in a nearby resort. They conduct devotions, group dynamics and activities that strengthen their bond and friendship and for their spiritual growth.

Joining the activity were Rev. Leonora Macaday of Sta. Rosa UMC, Nymfa Honrubia a deaconess of Jesus Reigns UMC both from Laguna District, Pastor Mirriam Chavarria of Atimonan UMC, Felipina Irenea a deaconess also from Atimonan UMC both from Quezon District and Rev. DS Joseph Flores of Quezon District.

Young adults though seldom organize activities together especially in the annual conference level but they were active lay persons in their respective local churches. In Quezon Province the young adults manage to visit other young adults in the local churches.


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