The 3rd District Conference Session held in Alabat Island

delegates of the Quezon District Conference is preparing for the opening worship service

The third district conference session was held in Alabat UMC in the Island of Alabat of the Province of Quezon last March 2012. This was the first district conference presided over the Rev. DS Joseph Flores as the third district superintendent of Quezon District. It was Rev. William Umipig who was the first DS of Quezon and followed by Rev. Joe Vicente (while he is still a United Methodist, now he is a pastor of the Ang Iglesya Metodista ng Pilipinas). Bishop Daniel Arichea Jr. appointed DS Joseph Flores as the DS of Quezon district last 3rd annual conference session of STPPACE.

The district conference was a two day event started in the evening of Friday prior to the district conference proper which was on Saturday.Committee meetings was also held that night including the District Committee on Ministry which processes persons who want to enter the pastoral ministry.

Rev. Roel Pia the administrative pastor of the Alabat UMC gave the sermon during the opening worship service in the following day – Saturday. He challenges the delegates to “Look up” to Christ as the source of strength in midst of scarcity, hardship and trials especially in the situation of the churches and the district. Th DS Joseph Flores led the administration of the Holy Communion along with Rev. Pia and Pastor Victor Diokno.

The DS address was given during the district conference session proper. Reports were given by different committees and organizations. The local pastors were given recommendation to continue their work in the ministry. Five lay persons were accepted as volunteer in mission who will work and start mission work within the district.

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