United Methodist in Quezon District strives

delegates from Quezon District renders a song during the fourth session of STPPAC

Only three established small membership and rural churches are the only churches one may say can stand on its own in terms of leadership and management, ministries and especially by finances in Quezon District. They were Atimonan UMC, Alabat UMC and Quezon UMC whose membership are majority professionals or have small businesses that helps their churches continue its ministries within the membership and the community. The two churches in Alabat and in Quezon town though were in a small island of Alabat can be considered stable because of the number of their membership and the financial support of the members which were majority merchants. Secondly, these churches especially in Atimonan UMC have church related kindergarten schools which is one ministry of the church in the community also helps the church financially.

The other three local churches which are Simbayan UMC in the town of Mauban and Kalinangan UMC and Calauag UMC both in the town of Calauag are striving to be stable because of their small membership and their socio- economic condition of the members and of their community. Both Simbayan UMC and Kalinangan UMC were situated in the barrio were majority of the members were coconut farm workers which are low income earners. Inspite of their condition because of their faith and steadfastness they continue their service in the Lord along with pastors assigned to them even they were given less what was expected to receive.

The rest of the churches were mission churches and worshipping congregation in status who are dependent financially from the District. Though by their own means these congregations give support to their church workers financially or through in kinds.

Inspite of the situation of the churches and of the members they conduct district activities that will serve as venues for strengthening of their faith, for spiritual growth and opportunities for service and ministries. The women’s organization and the young people’s organization were among the active organization which are true even in other districts and conferences. And the strive of the district depends on the untiring ministry of the pastors and of the deaconesses in the district and also especially by their district superintendent.


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