June 12 is the Philippines’ Independence Day!

On June 12 Philippines will celebrate the Independence Day when on this date the Philippine flag was first raised in the balcony of the mansion of the president elect Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and declared independence under the more than 300 years of Spanish colonial rule.

Though it was only short lived because of the colonization of US but Filipinos has assert itself as sovereign nation with as Filipinos with original culture. This independence may seem to called as American sponsored because Spain sold its right to the Philippines to the Americans after the Spanish American war. But it continues to inspire every Filipino of the possibility of attaining freedom and soveriegnty.

As Christians, we celebrate our nationhood and being a Filipino as God’s gift as part of his grace enriching our lives with in Christ. The pride of being a Filipino reflects the diverse cultures which manifests God’s glory and grace.

We also believed that God has plan for the Philippines as he has bless us his children.


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