Overnight District Meeting held in rural church Kalinangan UMC

Kaliangan UMC

The Lay and Workers District Meeting was held in the rural church of Kalinangan UMC which is located in rolling hills area of the town of Calauag in the Province of Quezon last Sept 8 – 9, 2012. Because of the difficult transportation in the so called upper Calauag – the rural area of the town, the meeting was held two days and the delegates were expected to come Friday afternoon.

The delegates from Alabat UMC and Quezon UMC which is from the Alabat Island traveled to the town of Calauag through a small fishing boat which can travel from the island directly to the Sitio Tinambulan in Baranggay Pinagsakayan where the Kalinangan church is located. The sea travel would only take them at least an hour than through the main land which will take them at least 2 hours. And the travel from the town proper of Calauag to the church is limited. There is only one passenger jeepney ride going to the area and also one ride going back to the town proper on a specific schedule. Special trips to the area through tricycle were more costly than the regular trip.

A lecture was held Friday night by the lay speaking ministry chair Rev. Mervin Anthony Montano entitled “Survey of the Bible” which is part of the program to equip the laity for ministry. It is one of the lectures that will be conducted during the district meeting and there will be assessment exam for certification.

Daisy Francia – one of the Volunteer in Mission in Kalinangan UMC gave the meditation on the opening worship service held Saturday morning. One of the main agenda was the presentation of the project 999 of the annual conference with a title – “Kamanggagawa ko, Mahal ko” (My co-worker, I love) which aims to raise funds to augment church workers’ financial support especially some pastors receives less than expected. And the program will be implemented starting the current month.

The Rev. DS Joseph Flores also reported to the district the stand of the College of Bishops of the Philippines Central Conference regarding the Reproductive Bill which is still under debate in the country. The circular letter expressed in favor of the Bill and presented Biblical foundations and principles found in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church – the law book of the denomination.


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