The Mission continues – The Calauag United Methodist Church

The Calauag United Methodist Church as reported earlier was no longer part of the United Methodist connection as it secretly declared it new denominational affiliation which is the Ang Iglesya Metodista sa Pilipinas (The Methodist Church in the Philippines) a recently break away church from the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. But their treasurer – Yolanda manjares and her family decided to remain as United Methodist and did not join the break away group.

It was in her acquired house where the Calauag church was conducting its worship services but was asked to get a new house of worship because of their decision of leaving the United Methodist Church. Yolanda Manjares decides to attend worship service either in Capaluhan mission – a mission congregation located in the baranggay Capaluhan of the town of Calauag. It is the baranggay which she was grew up. And she may also attend at Lopez Mission – a mission congregation in nearby town of Lopez.

But Pastor Federico Quinit – the pastor of Kalinangan UMC – located in Sitio Tinambulan in baranggay Pinagsakayan of the town of Caluag desires to continue to ministry to Calauag UMC that will start another congregation. For Calauag UMC is the church located in the town proper and in which were some members of Kalinangan UMC attend to at a time they stay at the town proper.

Rev DS Joseph Flores talked to Yolanda Manjares to continue the ministry in the town proper with the idea that in such situation one should not stop doing mission and ministry even in the midst of division and schism. According to the proposal of Pastor Quinit to the district office that he and his  two volunteer in mission will alternately visit Calauag UMC to conduct a small worship service.

It was also found out that one of the members of Calauag UMC who were Romero Family is reconsidering attending to the break away group because they came from a family of church workers of the United Methodist Church. And their youngest child named JR doesn’t want to attend the worship service of the break away group for he choose to remain as United Methodist.

It was agreed that on September 16 this year will resume the worship service in Calauag UMC.


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