2013 Quezon District Conference at the close of its first quadrennium


The Quezon District Conference of 2013 was held at the Quezon UMC in the town of Quezon in the island of Alabat in the Quezon Province last March 2 & 3, 2013 presided over by Rev. Joseph Flores its district superintendent. About 34 clergy, deaconesses and lay people attended and hear the reports of its boards, committees and organizations.


The DS Flores reminded the district members of the Lenten season and the grace which can be accessed through Christ made available because of his sufferings. And that the situation of most of the church workers who endures a lot of hardship in their respective ministries and church assignments exemplifies Christ’s own sufferings.


Its newly formed finance committee hopes to improve the finances of the district and aims to seek all means to support its own ministries and church workers subsidy. It has become dependent to the annual conference and shall present a budget to address its own unique needs in the adjourned session after the 5th session of the Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference of which it is part.


One of its historical actions made was the recognition of the newly organized local church which is the Capaluhan mission in Capaluhan in Calauag, Quezon which will be presented in the upcoming annual conference to be recognized as Galilee United Methodist Church. This is the second attempt of the congregation to be organized as local church as espoused by its assigned pastor – Pastor Federico Quinit Jr. who is also the pastor of Kalinangan UMC. DS Flores helped the congregation prepared its proposed budget to prepare to be a self-sufficient congregation. One of the recommendations for the Capaluhan congregation is to recognize it as a rural church which standards should be like that from urban setting.


The church members of Quezon UMC serve the delegates in preparations of food and some of them opened their houses for a night sleep. Pastor Victor Diokno of Quezon UMC with Iluminada Sarmiento the Quezon church council chair who is also an officer of the district was in charge of the hosting.


The district conference is a two day event to maximize the limited time for the delegates could only meet at Friday night till Saturday the other day lunch time because of the limited schedule of the passenger boat which bring to and fro the island of Alabat.



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