Capaluhan Mission now organized as a local church

Capaluhan congregation (Calauag, Quezon)

Capaluhan congregation (Calauag, Quezon)

The Capaluhan Mission which will celebrate its 32nd congregational anniversary on May this year was now organized by Rev. DS Joseph Flores of Quezon District as a local church which have 25 families as members last February 26, 2013 in their church sanctuary located at Sitio Pinagkonsehalan, Barangay Capaluhan, Calauag, Quezon. This is to be recognizing in the upcoming 5th session of STPPAC and shall be renamed as Galilee United Methodist Church.

DS Flores conducted a worship service which led the congregation into church membership ritual. He opened the Church Conference and receives the new set of church council officers and also its proposed budget and constitutes the Capaluhan Charge Conference. They also propose the name of the congregation now a local church will be Galilee United Methodist Church.

Worship service during the constituting charge conference

Worship service during the constituting charge conference

Pastor Federico Quinit Jr., who is the pastor of Kalinangan UMC (Tinambulan, Calauag, Quezon) and also of Capaluhan mission desires the mission congregation to be a local church as he sees the congregation is ready to accept the challenge of self-reliant church. Inspite of financial conditions of its members for majority of the members have no regular jobs and dependent on agricultural produce the membership is challenged to make their congregation a local church. They already planned and assigned pledges for the pastoral support. During the Church Conference as opened by DS Flores they also prepared the proposed budget for the mission congregation which will become a local church. The church council will be led by lay leader Bindo Velasco and church council chairperson Nilo Honrubia.

The congregation has already have sanctuary and shall process the land title of the property which was donated by one of its members Bindo Velasco who is the church council chairperson. Currently, they are starting putting up the parsonage. Some funds for the parsonage and the church sanctuary were donated by Rev. DS Zosimo Mabuti of Rizal Conference.

DS Mabuti was the lay worker who started a Bible study group in Capaluhan in 1981 under the Navigators Christian Ministries which later joined the group of Rev. Alfonso Briones of Taytay UMC in 1985 which started a mission work in Barangay Bantulinao which is transferred to Sitio Tinambulan, Barangay Pinagsakayan, Calauag, Quezon which now becomes the Kalinangan UMC. Capaluhan Bible study group of DS Mabuti at that time become the mission congregation under Kalinangan UMC.



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