STPPAC 5th session concludes

5th sessionThe fifth session of the Southern Tagalog Philippines Provisional Annual Conference concludes which was held at the Sta Rosa United Methodist Church in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and presided over by the new bishop of the Manila Episcopal Area – Bishop Rodolfo Juan.

In this session includes election of officers for the new quadrennium or four years term. Julie Capulong the wife of DS Joel Capulong was re-elected as lay leader, Rosalie Diaz a deaconess was elected conference secretary with Pastor Vincent Pacto and Pastor Cris Pera as associate secretaries. Marlyn Santos of Pacta UMC was elected treasurer, Donaldo Ducot who was the former CFA chair was elected auditor and Zenaida Ablao who was the former treasurer was elected CFA Chair.

In the report of Rev. DS Joseph Flores as district superintendent of Quezon District recommends the recognition of Capaluhan Mission in Calauag, Quezon as new local church. And it was voted that Capaluhan Mission is now a local church and will be known as Galilee United Methodist Church. This was the second attempt of the congregation to be recognized as a local church as vouched by its pastor – Pastor Federico Quinit Jr.

The new church had conducted a constituting charge conference presided by DS Joseph Flores. It has 25 families in membership and an average of P 2000 monthly income. But in its proposed budget meeting they planned to raise a P 5000 monthly income and willing to support at least P 3, 000 a month.

The Bishop Juan recognize the effort of the church with the leadership of its pastor. The bishop recognized him as the brother of a his former pastor in Tarlac conference of which he is a former bishop.

Rev. DS Joseph Flores was re-appointed as the new district superintendent for Quezon District. and Laguna district as a new district superintendent in the person of Rev. Dexter Ceballos.


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