Young People of Quezon District emcaped at Alabat Island


About 70 young people from the churches of Quezon District conducted their Summer Institute 2013 at Alabat UMC in in the town of Alabat in the island of the same name of the town, Quezon Province last April 15 – 18, 2013. It is also a joint program with Quezon District Nurture ministries where they train the young people who are the active volunteer teachers for the upcoming Vacation Church School for the children from their respective churches.



Most young people travel for hours and crossed the sea to reach the Alabat Island to spend the summer in Bible studies, worship and fellowship and also training as teachers for VCS. The Staff offered lower registration of P100 and churches were assigned food sponsorship for a less than of 100 delegates and staff. The theme for summer institute is “Doing your Best for the Glory of God”.




Alabat young people got the most young people delegates which reached 23 youth. most of them were new and most of the boys were those who joined the Summer Basketball League organized by Ptr. Roel Pia. The league was meant to minister to the young people especially the boys for this summer. Now many of them joined the Summer Institute of the UMYF one of its regular spiritual formation activities.


The training for VCS started on April 17 using the material produced by the Board of Christian Education and Discipleship of the Philippines Central Conference of the United Methodist Church with the title “I Believe” which inculcates basic Christian and United Methodist beliefs for the children. VCS is one of the regular ministry of the young people and the churches during summer. 

Felipina Irenea (Atimonan UMC deaconess) is the Nurture chair of the Quezon District who coordinated the VCS training. Joshua Arevalo (Alabat UMC) is the president of the Quezon District UMYF with Rev. Roel Pia (Alabat UMC) and Pastor Carol Flores (Atimonan UMC) were the workers with youth. 


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