First Class of DCE now starts


The first class of the District Continuing Education or so called as the “School of Workers” of the Quezon District started last August 25 – 26, 2013 at the Atimonan UMC and attended by 14 pastors, deaconess and laity.

The program aims to put up a semi-formal school for the workers of the Quezon District equipping them into church ministry for all clergy and the laity who are in the ministry.

The first night was dedicated for a spiritual retreat for church workers. A sharing of  their faith journey as Christian and as church workers. The next day, three lectures was held. The “Introduction to the Old Testament” was delivered by Rev. Mervin Anthony Montano, “Church History I” was lectured by Rev. DS Joseph Flores and Rev. Nazzer Oliveros delivered the lecture on “Worship and Liturgy I”.

The school is a three year program and trimestral. financial support was provided by the churches and hoping to gather resources to support the equipping of the church workers.


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