A Call for Partnership in Mission

The Quezon District of the Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference of the United Methodist Church has geared itself for the advancing of the mission of Jesus Christ in the Province of Quezon – Philippines. But the call of discipleship and missions demands of life long commitment for both pastors, deaconess and the laymen who were all disciples called to disciple other people. And this disciple-making also is costly in financial aspect.

The creation of the Quezon District along with the Southern Tagalog Conference a administrative structure that governs or supervise ministries of the local churches in the Quezon District and in the Southern Tagalog at large is somewhat ambitious and aggressive. There are complicated sometimes, admittedly, there are sensitive and complicated matters in the creation of such administrative organization for the churches which is financially lacking. Most of the church workers who are part of the Conference along with the laymen have decided to continue the situation as long as they can carry with all of their sacrifices and effort carrying out the mission which was entrusted them.

With this in heart, the people of Quezon District has decided to pursue the mission and ministries of the church and we ask for persons who are called and touched by God to be part of this mission in participating through prayers and especially financially. This concept birthed the idea of launching the BAYANIHAN Mission Partnership Fund by the finance commitee of the Quezon District which was approved by the Council of Ministries of the district.

The Bayanihan Mission Partnership Program came from the idea where its name was derived which is “BAYANIHAN”. It is a Tagalog word which implies cooperativism which is a mark of Filipino culture. It was the term which refers to the neighborhood helping their neighbor transferring one’s home made of kawayan and carry it on their shoulders. It was with the same idea of partnership the district believe in order to continue the mission in the area.

The Project was aimed to have a source of funds that will serve as selrf reliant fund so that it will help the district less dependent on outside support. The idea is to collect the funds and put it on an inverstment firm so that it will generate through its interests available funds for immediate minsitry needs of the district. The Project aims to fund clergy in mission salary subsidy, capital for livelihood projects by church members and seed money for church building and sanctuary. We aim to raise up to 5 Million pesos in 5 years to reach the desired interests that will suffice financial support for the district.

Hoping that through this fund would advance the mission in Quezon Province through the United Methodist Church.

For interested parties pls email Rev. Mervin Anthony Montano, project head of the BAYANIHAN Mission Partnership Fund at rev_mervinanthony@ymail.com



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