Looking Forward into the new Quadrennium

Quezon District Workers

Quezon District Workers

The 2014 District Conference of the Quezon District concluded last February 1, 2014 held at the Atimonan United Methodist Church at Atimonan of the Quezon Province. Rev. Nazzer Oliveros, the administrative pastor of the Atimonan UMC gave the message during the opening worship service. He challenges his fellow church workers to be an excellent workers of God inspite of being assigned in the provinces and rural areas and do not quit the ministry.

The women organization of the district met the day before the conference proper to receives updates from local chapters. The District Committee on Ordained Ministry which processes pastors renewing their status with the annual conference, reviewed their ministries.

Aniceto Nieva Jr the chairman of the church council of the Atimonan UCM was elected lay leader of the district while his wife Fe Nieva the finance chair of the Atimonan UMC as also elected chair of the Finance of committee of the Quezon District.

Four new local pastors we’re to be recommended for the upcoming 5th session of Southern Tagalog Philippines Provisional Annual Conference which will also be held at Atimonan UMC on February 18 – 20, 2014. Three of these pastors were father and sons named Raymar Francia and Raymond Francia who were twins and Reynaldo Francia their father all of them came from General Luna town also of Quezon Province. And one lady of the new local pastors is Iluminada Sarmiento who also called “Lumeng” who came from the town of Quezon and was for two years been serving as lay missioner of the church in that town.

Two pastors are recommended to be provisional members of the annual conference and later to be ordained and they were Pastor Mirriam Chavarria who is currently enrolled the Union Theological Seminary as junior in Dasmariñas City of the Cavite Province and the other is Pastor Victor Diokno who is an associate member and is assigned at Quezon UMC. Three other pastors continue their status as local pastors.

The members of the district conference is in high hopes of continuing the ministry of the church inspite of limited resources believing on God’s grace working among the churches.


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