The Ground is Ready for Dalahican Church

Ground Breaking Service

Ground Breaking Service

A ground breaking ceremony was held last February 1, 2014 at the Dalahican Mission site at Baranggay Dalahican at Lucena City of Quezon Province attended by members of the Atimonan United Methodist Church with Rev. Joseph Flores – the district superintendent of Quezon District with his wife and also with Rev. Eunho Choung a Korean missionary to Lucena City.

DS Flores gave the meditation for the service and reminds of God’s work in midst of construction of the church building. Pastor Choung gave greetings and shared his personal aspiration for his first time facilitating of a church construction. Aniceto Nieva Jr. the church council chair of Atimonan UMC and Rev. Nazzer Oliveros the administrative pastor gave their greetings.

The lot was donated by Lydia Francisco and her family who were members of Knox UMC in Manila which measures 1,500 square meter. And through the generosity of the Sung Nam Jeil Methodist Church in Korea the home church of Pastor Choung. They will provide funds for the building of 10m x 24m church sanctuary and will expect to start the construction this February 2014.

The Dalahican Mission is supervised by Rev. Mervin Anthony Montano the associate pastor of Atimonan UMC and is in charge of missions. Atimonan UMC has adopted Dalahican Mission as part of its mission areas including Fuji Mission located in Baranggay Malinao in the town of Atimonan, Quezon.


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