Churches receives help from UMCOR


Churches and communities of Quezon District which were affected by the typhoon Glenda last July 2014 receives food packages from the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) the agency for disaster response of the United Methodist Church. Rev. Reuel Javier the administrative assistant of Bishop Juan represents him and gave the financial aid for the food packages to Rev. Joseph Flores the district superintendent of Quezon District last November at Atimonan UMC in Atimonan, Quezon.



Sacks of rice, canned goods and instant noodles were distributed for the affected families and was hand over through the church workers that gathered at Atimonan UMC. Churches of Simbayan in Mauban, General Luna, Lopez, the three churches in Calauag, and also the two churches in Alabat benefited from the UMCOR aid.

The Quezon Province is one of the most of hit by the typhoon Glenda which many of the towns experience flood, landslide damages to homes and other properties. Churches and parsonages were also damage due to the typhoon.

The aid from UMCOR is a big help among the families who will cope up from the typhoon and is very responsive during times of disasters.


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