Christmas Institute 2014: The Quezon District way

quezon district ci 2014
The young people of Quezon District decided to have their own Christmas Institute where they could gather more young people in the province and with the topic and strategies which is suitable to the area.

This annual district wide youth gathering held all over all the Philippines is one of the most awaited activities of every member of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship. The Quezon District officers of the UMYF held it at the Atimonan UMC having the theme of “Chosen Generation”.
CI2014 3

The church workers approve of this move inspite of the initiative of the annual conference youth of having a supposed to be a conference wide activity. This provides an opportunity for the current district officers of Quezon District to handle the activity by themselves and not dependent on pastors and other church workers. Its been a couple of times that the said activity was held conference wide and they sought that the last years CI must be district wide only.

This activity also benefits those young people from very far places and also at the rural communities which transportation is very expensive. This also applies to two churches in the island for they always attend conference wide even district wide activity which needs them to travel by boat. Registration fees where also adjusted according to the capacity of the church local chapters.

More than 90 delegates attended the last Ci and most pastors and deaconesses attended the event an opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and challenges them more to serve God in the church and in the community.

CI Quezon with STPPAC MYF Officers
The officers of the annual conference youth visited them and see how the Quezon District Ci have been doing and also express their support even they have their own activity. The annual conference officers have only serve the Laguna District youth using the theme provided by the national organization.


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