Marikina UMC members and church workers visit Quezon UMC and Silangan Mission [Updated]

Mrikina UMC visitation 14

Marikina UMC visiting team conducts activities for children and gift giving and also to each family members of Quezon United Methodist Church. An evangelistic meeting was also held at night and Rev Francis Pera the incoming district superintendent of Laguna and Quezon Districts challenges the attendees.

Mrikina UMC visitation 8Mrikina UMC visitation 9

Mrikina UMC visitation 11

Mrikina UMC visitation 13

Mrikina UMC visitation 12

Mrikina UMC visitation 2

Mrikina UMC visitation 10It was the second time the church members of Marikina UMC with their pastors – Rev. Harvey Lucena and Rev. Fely Dela Cruz and their deaconesses visited Quezon UMC and Silangan mission last Apirl 23, 2015 as their response to the call for adopt a church program of Bishop Rudy Juan strengthening small size congregations and mission points.

Mrikina UMC visitation 4

The visiting team were also accompanied by Rev. Francis Pera the incoming district superintendent of both Laguna and Quezon District. Their team was greeted by drum and lyre band with welcoming banners even at the port of the town of Quezon in Quezon Province. The church members of Quezon UMC headed by Pastor Vic Diokno also offered the best foods from the town. The visiting team visited the mission point of Quezon UMC. These were their expression of thanks and apprecition a common and traditional way of the Filipinos. The team gave their financial support and discusses future partnership mission program.

DS Pera

Rev. Lucena was once a pastor of church in Quezon in Atimonan UMC. Rev. Dela Cruz also was once part of the church workers of then the Laguna Quezon Mission District now the Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference and visited Quezon UMC several times. And Rev. Francis Pera who was originally came from Quezon Province in Calauag, Quezon.

The town of Quezon is more than 200 kilometers from Manila by land and around 40 mins. travel by small boat going to Alabat Island where Quezon town is located.


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