District COM looks on to discipleship, church properties and church workers’ welfare

COM JulyIn the first meeting of the committee on ministries of the Quezon District for this quadrennium held in Atimonan United Methodist Church in Atimonan, Quezon last July 10 and 11 this year Conference Superintendent Rev. Francis Pera presented his plan of implementation for the United Methodist Church – Disciples of Christ or the UMC DOC for the Quezon District and also hears other concerns.

The UMC DOC is a special project of the Manila Episcopal Area headed by its resident Bishop Rudy Juan which is a discipleship system based on popular discipleship system called G12 authored by former district superintendent Rev. John Manalo. There are series of seminars and retreat which is to be attended by participants but first must be implemented among the church workers. The Encounter God Retreat (EGR) for the whole annual conference will be held on August 20 – 22, 2015 at Pacita United Methodist Church in San Pedro, Laguna. A d the pre encounter retreat is set two weeks before the EGR which is on August 7 – 8 to be held at Atimonan UMC for Quezon District. The program is a must for the churches except if the churches have already their own systematic discipleship system.

COM july - 2

A concern about the property in Gumaca, Quezon which is know to have almost a hectare in size is idle and have been home for some informal settlers. For many years the issue was been discussed and have been visited but no action yet was made. The COM decided to invite the CS to pay a visit with the former district superintendent Rev. Ruben Letana who is now retired because of the families living there are his kin. After the visitation will they propose appropriate actions so that the property will be used. Also a disputed fishpond supposed to be owned by the Conference is claimed by a local resident needs action though it is under negotiation by the former pastor of Kalinangan UMC – Pastor Fedrico Quinit Jr. The COM will reiterate their approved action on it which will send a resolution for the annual conference for immediate action. It seeks a negotiation with the claimant to redeem at P 7, 000 so as to maintain a relationship with the claimant which will win him to be part of the church there. He could be also a help in developing the fishpond.

Some matters are discussed including the presentation for the policies and strategies for the scholarship committee that needs immediate action for their current ministerial student in the person of Pastor Vincent Pacto who is currently enrolled in a college. At least the COM will shoulder its 25 % of his tuition fee and possible to all who church workers who will apply to this committee.

The next day the church workers gathered for a fellowship. The devotion was led by Conference Superintendent Pera and some matters were discussed led by its president Rev, Nathaniel Francisco of Alabat UMC.


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