A Heart Warming Experience for Church Members of Quezon District

The delegates attentively listens to CS Rev. Pera

The delegates attentively listens to CS Rev. Pera

About 55 delegates from all churches of Quezon District plus 17 members of staff attended the first Encounter God Retreat entitled “Heart Warming Experience” held at the Atimonan UMC last Oct 29 – 31, 2015. Members from barrios and far flung areas and also from the island crossed rough roads and seas to participate in the 3 day renewal seminar facilitated by the conference superintendent Rev. Francis Pera.

Young and old gather together to learn about the gospel and a life of discipleship. It is also a moment of fellowship with members from other local churches and meet new and old friends. The Encounter God Retreat aims to deepen their commitment to Christ and to engage every church members to a life of discipleship through small group activities which they will organize in their respective churches. It is called care group where a small number of persons meet regularly for sharing of God’s word, strengthening each other and praying together.

Every member are also instructed to have their own journal which is available from the office of the bishop where they will write  their daily devotions. This will be the main or one of the topics to be discussed in their respective care group meeting. This care group meeting is also a vehicle where they can invite their friends and share God’s love and salvation in Christ. It aims to equip them and train them as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.


This program called the United Methodist Church – Disciples of Christ is a discipleship and evangelism program under the Manila Episcopal Area.


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