Quezon District held Finance and Stat Seminar


Last Sept 17, 2016 at the Atimonan UMC a well attended  seminar was held which is about Church Finance, Church Membership and Statistics. It was attended by Church council chairpersons, finance chairperson, treasurer and membership secretaries along with their pastors and deaconesses. It aims to refresh the function and roles of each committees.


Fe Nieva, the District Finance chair and member of Atimonan UMC speak about Church Financial Management for local churches. She clarifies the function of the finance committee and its relationship to the church council as it handles church finances. Deaconess Carol Pendon of Liwanag UMC in Alabat discuss about the role of membership sercretaries and Rev. Nazzer Oliveros presented the basic understanding of Church membership in the United Methodist Church which is necessary in filling up in the statistics form of the church. DS Francis Pera conducted a orientation of how to fill up the statistics form. Information on membership, Christian education, finance and properties are needed in the statistics which is reported annually by local charge conferences and submitted to the annual conference. Rev. Mervin Montano of Simbayan UMC gave the morning devotion and speaks about stewardship of church finance.




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