Laguna joins Quezon District 6th Heart Warming Experience

egrOn the 6th Heart Warming Experience held last October 30 to November 1, 2016 at Atimonan United Methodist Church, 8 church members from Laguna District joins Quezon District in this highly challenging spiritual retreat with around 30 delegates plus the staff.

One year past, Quezon District has continued conducting Heart Warming Experience Spiritual Retreat which aims to deepen their relationship and commitment with the Lord Jesus Christ and challenges to energized church ministry now in its 6th Batch.


Young people composed the majority of the delegates while the key leading men of the local churches comes second in the attendance. Some of them gave testimony that the retreat is a life changing event and looks forward for a passionate Christian living.

Graduates of this retreat are expected to attend Accountable Discipleship Courses which includes church membership, Methodist doctrine, social holiness, etc to their respective local churches to held by their pastors.


This Heart Warming Experience retreat, Rev. Nazzer Oliveros of Atimonan UMC lead the team as the director and DS Francis Pera served as a retreat coach. Pastor Babylencia Laude of Lopez Mission added as one of the speakers.




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