Quezon District CI held in Atimonan

ci2016Quezon District held its Christmas Institute last December 26 – 29, 2016 in cooperation with the annual conference officers headed by Nice Romero STPPACE UMYFP president and Joshua Arevalo the vice president of STPPACE UMYFP serve as director and Rachel Daen the president of Quezon Distrct UMYFP is the co-director. Joshua is joined by Lorraine Tejada and Hanz Pedida who were also officers of STPPACE UMYFP.

About 50 young people from the local churches in Quezon District attended the event. Inspite of the typhoon that hits Quezon Province on the 26th it didn’t hinder the young people conducting CI.


This years’ theme they followed what the National UMYFP provided which is entitled “Pro-claim” a play on words putting emphasis on the two words – “pro” and “claim” which aims to affirm and claim God’s love and grace on every individual.

Aside from lectures and small group discussions, they conducted a seminar on Climate Change which gears the young people to be aware on current social issues. The young people from each churches got also the chance to give tribute to their pastors in an activity called “Workers’ Night”. The youth offer songs, messages in appreciation for their church workers. They were also games and movie viewing which inspires the young people to claim what God has planned for them and in which they will proclaim.



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