Pastors and Priests of different denominations meets at Atimonan UMC

16174972_1320076881382729_190929092804699650_nPastors and priests of different denominations who composed the Quezon Ecumenical Movement gathered at Atimonan United Methodist Church for the first meeting for the year 2017 last January 23. One of the main agenda is the preparation for its participation in the upcoming regional gathering of churches for the culminating activity of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which will be held on January 28, 2017 in Lipa City in Batangas Province.

Father Rowel Telmo of Iglesia Filipina Indipendiente (Independent Philippine Church) of Lucena presides over the meeting of pastors from United Church of Christ in the Philippines, United Methodist Church, priests from IFI and lay people from the Roman Catholic Church in Atimonan.

The group also receives update from the coal fired plant which is to be built in Atimonan. The group plans to disseminate information regarding its disadvantages especially to the environment. Currently, the Catholic Church priest is active and vocal against the coal fired plant and the group plans to join in its protest.


The meeting also plans to hold a peace process forum to be held in universities in Lucban  and in Lucena next month to promote awareness and deep information regarding the the on going talks between the National Democratic Front and the government of the Republic of the Philippines which now is in the process of negotiation regarding economic reforms. As people from the religious sector its is one of its deep prayers for the success of these talks so that peace would be realized in the country. Representatives from the Karapatan (Human Rights Alliance) gave some information regarding the ongoing talks.

The meeting also serves as fellowship among churches and church workers. The Quezon Ecumenical Movement was organized last 2015.



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