Welcoming the new DS and Workers and Blesses the new home of the DS

BienvinidaLast July 1 this year, representatives of the local churches of Quezon District gathered at the Atimonan UMC to welcome the new district superintendent Rev. Nazzer Oliveros and his family and his family and two new workers in the district in the person of Rev. Marven Chavarria assigned in Atimonan UMC and Leonora Macaday who is assigned in Dalahican Mission.

Bienvinida 4

Every local church representatives express their welcome and support to the new DS and to new pastors. The lay organization presidents also gave their message of support and welcome including the District Lay Leader Aniceto Nieva Jr. (Atimonan UMC). The Workers Fellowship with the deaconesses rendered a song presentation and gave welcome gifts to the DS and to the two new pastors. The gathering ended with fellowship lunch where foods we’re brought by each of the churches.

Bienvinida 2

Rev. Marven Cahavaria was originally from Atimonan UMC and now has come back as its pastor. Rev. Leonora Macaday also started in Lucena and now has come back to serve the congregation she first serve.

Earlier in  the morning, church workers and some lay person gathered at the new district superintendent’s house in Atimonan, Quezon. A simple liturgy of blessing was made and small tokens were given to express their prayers and blessings for the district parsonage.

district house blessing 2


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