Pastors and Priest of Quezon Province Gathers for Second General Assembly Celebrate Christmas in Atimonan

quezon dist xmas fell 2The Quezon Ecumenical Movement celebrates Christmas last December 5, 2017 at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church in Atimonan, Quezon and held its Second General Assembly. Rev. Msgr. Noel Villareal of Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church gave the meditation based on the theme “QEM sama samang itaguyod ang buhay na may pagpapahalaga sa karapatang pantao sa sangnilikha ng Diyos (QEM – together pursuing life that values human rights of all the creation of God)”.

quezon dist xmas fell 3

A business meeting was held after the worship where the officers of QEM gave their annual report. All of its officers were re-elected for another term now for two years under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Rowel Telmo of Iglesia Filipina Indipendiente as chairman of the movement. There were additions to the set of officers and they were  Rev. Fr. Warren Puno of Catholic Church was elected as vice-chairman, Noemi Conjares de Mesa of United Church of Christ of the Philippines as auditor and Rev. Marven Chavarria was appointed as coordinator for the United Methodist Church.

The president of the Quezon Youth Ecumenical Movement Ms. Noemi Conjares de Mesa  of UCCP gave their report. One of the approved actions is to draft a Constitution and By Laws for the movement as its guide.


After lunch, held the Christmas fellowship were denominations gave their special number.


quezon dist xmas fell


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